868LP Mesh profile configuration with fast polling


I’m working on a project where we are using only the 868LP modules. One Base Unit simply poll’s up to 3 Remote Units every 150 ms. ( remember the 868LP don’t have the 10 % duty cycle limitation ). So each Remote Unit is polled every 450 ms. We are having some distance challenges from the Base Unit to the Remote Units so we want to use the “Mesh” network configuration benefits. We simply want to install a Router between the Base Unit and Remote Unit to ensure a perfect communication performance.

Is it possible to use the “Mesh” network configuration at all, when we have a Base Unit that poll’s every 150 ms?
( maybe we poll too often to use the “Mesh“ network, guess there will be some redirection delay etc )

Looking forward to hear from you.


Sure it is. You may just need to slow down the polls slightly. But before you rule that out, I would give it a try. I think you will be surprised.

Thanks mvut.

Okay, If I have as described abowe, one Base Unit that polls 3 Remote Units every 150 mS, 450 mS each ( same known Network, no new units ), what do you think the fastest poll of the Base Unit would be?.

A realistic estimate!

Please describe?.

Thanks for your help.