About u-boot with cc9p9215 supported

Recently, I’m researching CC9P9215 board.

I want to use u-boot application for details about this board.

But after the NetOS 7.4 installed, I cannot found the complete package of u-boot for CC9P9215. There are only u-boot packages for CC9C, CCW9C, CC9Pxxx(9360 and 9750) board in “netos74\src\uboot-setup.exe”.

It means I must add a new board for u-boot, and port the code from NET-OS. It’s really a tough thing for me.

Can anyone finish or have u-boot for cc9p9215?
or know where i can download it.

Thanks a lot.

Uboot for this module is part of the Linux kit (DEL 5.2 latest version) I’ve attached the binary. You’ll have to byteswap it if you planing to program it with NetOS naftpapp.

I don’t see a way to attach files here :frowning: - I check “I would like to attach a file” , but get permission denied.

uploaded it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/363736525/u-boot-cc9p9215js.zip.html

Thanks for your helping.

Is there u-boot source for cc9p9215 in linux kit?
If that, could you send me more files? Files are

a) u-boot (for cc9p9215, compiled file)
b) u-boot.map (for cc9p9215, compiled file)
c) makefile (in u-boot top directory).

U-Boot is not used for the NET+OS version of the ConnectCore 9P9215. It uses the rom.bin that is built in the release directory.

Also, U-Boot will not run on most NET+OS 9P9215 modules.

I want to boot with u-boot only to study more things about this board. The NET+OS can be ignored at first.

I think the boards, in NET+OS jump start kit and linux kit, are same.

The System Control Registers (0xA090 0000 - 0xA090 022F) are not compatible. The “{ROOT}/include/ns9750_sys.h” cannot be used. :frowning: