Acceleport 8r w/ XP and RS-232 devices

I have a brand new RS-422 host adapter with 8 female DB9 connectors. Acceleport Xr is what is on the box. Of course these keywords came up with nothing on the support page. (!)

I figured out to call it an 8r and found that it is obsolete. No kidding. It is from 1998 (though it was NIB when I got it a few months ago!)

Anyway, the stupid diagnostics program won’t run on XP. What sort of adapter do I need to connect a standard serial (RS-232) device (female DB9 connector) to one of these tentacles?

You will need to obtain an RS422 to RS232 converter in order to use this adapter with RS232 devices.

Since, this is a brand new adatper, you may want to consider exchanging it for an RS232 adapter, as there is a 30 day return policy.