act and col lights are blinking slowly, cant connect to port server

I have a digi portserver ts16 that I can’t connect to. the ACT and COL lights are blinking together and slowly.

Can you please clarify what you mean by “can’t connect”? Exactly how are you trying to connect?

I had to swap the unit out with a replacement. now I have a new issue. I am having issues connection to some of the ports. if I http:// into the port server and look under “Management”>> “Connections” I have a few ports that say “logging in”. they will stay like that for hours. some of the ports are working and the ones that say “Loging in” do not

What is the “Port Profile” for these problematic serial ports?

In summary, what is the application here? How are you trying to interface with these serial ports, in other words?

Is there anything different about the other ports that are presumably working, compared to these that say “logging in”?

They are set as “Realport” and are all cloned to be the same. I am using these with Predator DNC software.