PortServer TS 16 MEI freezes and ACT LED was flashing very fast?

PortServer freezes and then ACT LED light start flashing very fast. Neither a ping nor diconnecting serial cables fix the problem. I had to reset the device to get it back into service, something I don’t like to do. Can someone tell me what could be going on which causes this issue? Thanks

Please update the device with the newer firmware.


I have a similar problem on a Digi TS16 Rack
it happens sporadically that the Digi freezes and ACT LED is blinking very fast. when this problem occurs, it is not possible to ping the Digi unit anymore.
even if the Ethernet cable is disconnected from the Digi unit, the Ethernet 10/100 LED remains on (steady green) and the ACT LED is still blinking.

After Digi reboot the unit resumes normal functionality…

we have the latest firmware installed on this unit:

#> show version

PortServer TS 16 Rack:

Component Part-Number Release-Tag

Boot/Post 82000685 release_82000685_G
Running EOS 82000684 release_82000684_W

How did you solved this problem?

Thank you!

The simple fix is that I suspect you may have connection conflict on some of serial ports on digi which will end up bringing your device down. Check under Management, the connections to the serial ports, if I am right you will spot the conflict. Remember that you can share these serial port in read-mode only and if so, ensure that the sharing feature is enabled. Let me know if this fixed your problem

Not sure that I understand what you mean with “connection conflict on some of serial ports”. could you, please, give me some more details?

we are using the Device in Shared mode by intention.
here is the actual sharing configuration for this Digi TS16; all ports are shared.
#> show sharing

    current       max

tty clients clients control timeout wrpolicy

1 2 2 shared 0 all
2 1 2 shared 0 all
3 1 2 shared 0 all
4 2 2 shared 0 all
5 2 2 shared 0 all
6 1 2 shared 0 all
7 1 2 shared 0 all
8 1 2 shared 0 all
9 2 2 shared 0 all
10 2 2 shared 0 all
11 2 2 shared 0 all
12 1 2 shared 0 all
13 1 2 shared 0 all
14 1 2 shared 0 all
15 2 2 shared 0 all
16 1 2 shared 0 all

we have other TS16 DIGIs (used in shared mode) connected to different serial channels where everything works just fine…

PS we already replace the Digi Unit with a new one, but it did not helped…
The new device is also freezing for the respective serial connections