Activate SDRAM test on connectme9210


I would like to activate the NS9XXXRamTest() function (in bsp/platform/connectme9210/memtest.c) to test SDRAM at boot time.

To do this, I modified the makefile :

  • compilation of memtest.c
  • redefine serial link parameters
    And I added serail traces in memtest.c

I recompiled the romimage successfully.
But when I start the software in debug mode with ESP, traces are not displayed.
So , does anybody know if the ESP loads another romimage for debug ?
Moreover, at the beginning, I have the traces

[i]NET+OS Version
Copyright (c) 1997-2011, Digi International, Inc.

PLATFORM: connectme9210_esp 4M/8M [Dec 05 2012 09:07:48]

And it seems that the platform would be connectme9210_esp instead of connectme9210.

It tried to recompile the connectme9210_esp romimage but its size exceeds the 64K allowed !
So which platform is used ?


connectme9210_esp is used only by the ESP. other platforms are reference ones.
Are you changing the debug mode properly in ESP? You need to go to project properties and make “Debug” Active and then select it… Then do a build… otherwise the selection wont be valid.