Adding a S2B Pro to X-CTU, It asks me to 'Reset' the board. Pins 5 & 10 don't reset!

I have a USB extender, so i short ‘Reset’ & ‘GND’ together and this wont rest anything.

So I try and short pin 5 on top of the board (rather that use the USB breakout connections) and pin 10 and it still wont reset or let me add a radio?

I have 3 radios and all of them wont reset when i am asked too!

All baud rates are set as default (9600) and i know the board works as the recovery tool can upload a firmware but i just cant get it to reset?

Any Help?



I have tried holding the short for 10 seconds and nothing, also just touching wont reset either!

Just something so simple is holding me back!