Address Problem XBee Pro S2B

I see an address problem with the ZigBee Pro S2B and X_CTU


  1. Test/Query says Modem type XBP24BSE (???) Serial Number 13A200 etc.

  2. Modem Configuration –> Read says that both SH and DH are 7D33A2 which is wrong, should be 13A200

  3. Change the DH to 13A200 and do a ‘Write’ and ‘Save’. The .PRO file confirms that DH is 13A200

  4. Do a ‘Read’ and DH has changed back to 7D33A2 !!! confirmed by .PRO save

  5. Change DH back to 13A200 and ‘Write’ with ‘Always Update Firmware’
    No difference. A ‘Read’ shows that DH has gone back to 7D33A2

The only way I can be sure that the module has the true DH address is to set it in the .PRO file, do a ‘Load’, and then exit X-CTU.


Try Restoring the module, click on “Restore” button from X-CTU Modem Configuration tab.

Still if you are seeing the same issue, create a “Online Support Request” at the following link, , digi folks will guide you to solve the issue or they may replace the module.

Forgot to mention,

Check whether you have enabled API=2, if yes, dont use ATAP=2(use API=1) and try.

If the above works, reply back to the forum post and let others know the solution.