ADSL modem + digi router connection

I have an adsl modem router and I have my digi wr21. the computer connected to the router of the ip block you continue with the ip of 192.168 continues with block x adsl modem. I’m making the connection through the router, and the modem setting up dhcp just as I am, but the next computers from the router to the internet can’t get out. please help.

Hi this is a bit confusing.

if you have a network connected to the wr21 on 1 ethernet port and the other ethernet port is connected to the DSL router

you might have to enable NAT on the DSL interface of the wr21

you might also needed to make sure there is a default route setup on the wr21 to the dsl router.

if this does not help please provide a rough diagram with ips and the debug of the wr21


you should first enable NAT of the dls interface of wr21 and set up a default router setup to the dls router facebook if it not working then pls visit my page.