after join stop respond

I have two XBee S2 modules.

First has freshly uploaded ZigBee Coordinator API version 21A7. PAN ID = 1000; AP=2; the rest has default values.

Second has freshly loaded ZigBee End Device API version 29A7. PAN ID=1000; AP=2; the rest has default values.

While end device is not joined to coordinator, it responds to all AT commands. For example AT NI command (7E 00 04 08 01 4E 49 5F) returns correct AT Command Response.

After turning on coordinator, end device correctly joins coordinator’s network, but stops responding to local (and transmitting remote) AT commands.

Despite this non-functionality end device is correctly responding to remote AT commands from coordinator.

Do you have some idea please?

Are you using Hardware flow control lines between your PC and the radio to issue the commands with? If not, you need to.