An application run with Segmentation fault error message on i.MX6 SBC


I try run the application on CC6 board (i.MX6 SBC Development Board).

It is no run beacuse the message show:
“Segmentation fault (core dumped)”

I make the application with Qt5 software.
The application is compile without error code.

The dey-image-qt image run on i.MX6.

Can you explain me how to fix this issue?


Hello, I am sure that, there may be problem in the application. If you are trying to read or write illegal memory locations, you will get this error. This is run time error, in this case application compile successfully, while running only it will give the error. You need to check your application.


I try easiest test program:

int main(int argc, int char* argv[]){
int i=1;

return i;