Any ideas what's new or changes in 10E2 firmware?

Just noticed that there is a new 10E2 firmware in X-CTU version list. Anyone got any information on what’s this version is about?

No clue on the changes.

Just tried to updload this 10E2 version (with X-CTU ver., and got :

Getting modem type…OK
Programming modem…Lost communication with modem
Write Parameters…Failed

Any idea ?

Not sure how you even found version 10E2 as it is a internal beta that addressed a sleep issue, “Fix bug when using sleep mode the receiving module would not always send RX date out the UART from the tranmitting module that was beening resetted/power cycled between transmissions.” Someone must have uploaded it to the FTP site prior to release, or it got emailed out as a beta.

I would strongly suggest using the 10CD version until the new version is released.

To date, the latest version that has been released for public use is version 10C8.

That’s very strange. One of my units shipped with 10E2 and I upgraded all of the others through the Windows GUI app.