Any restriction to vendor-Id or product-Id?

Hello together,

is it possible to configure specific USB vendor-id/product-ids with anywhereUSB devices ?
Or is there no restriction regarding these IDs ?

thanks for your support !


The older AnywhereUSB G2 family of products supports a feature called Permitted Devices:

At this time, the newer AnywhereUSB Plus family of products does not yet formally support such a feature, and it is being considered by product management.

There is an undocumented workaround that you could try. From the device’s Admin CLI, issue the following command:

config service anywhereusb custom_config “AllowedDevices=VID/PID,VID/PID,VID/PID”

Where the actual VID/PID are 4 digit hex values, separated by commas (if needed).

Note that a reboot of the AnywhereUSB Plus is required after this configuration change, and this requires that the AnywhereUSB Plus is running system firmware 20.11.x.x or newer.