AnywhereUSB "Use Microsoft Device IDs" option doesn't work

There is an article in the Digi knowledge base that describes the setting “Use Microsoft Device IDs”.

The article says:

Enabling this option changes the bus driver from “AWUSB” to “USB”.
With “Use Microsoft Device IDs” disabled, that value should read “AWUSB\VID_…”.
With “Use Microsoft Device IDs” enabled, that value should read “USB\VID_…”.

In my case, this setting does not work.
When I change it nothing happens. The values ​​do not change and are always like this:


Probably the driver is not being replaced.
So, my USB key does not work. The software starts but does not recognize the license in the key.

I’m using Anywhereusb/5 with the latest firmware and drivers:
Boot code: v.1.9.0986
Firmware v2.2.2323
Hardware Rev A-G2
Driver version: 3.91.231

I tried different hosts with Windows 7, Windows10, the behavior is the same everywhere.

What can I do about it?

Thanks in advance.