Anyone observe several-second receive delay on etherlite 160 under linux?

Running Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04, find intermittent receive delay between 1 and 10 seconds on el-160 and el-16 using latest realport firmware and linux driver. Has anyone else observed this or have a solution? Thanks!

Some things to look at in regards to latence are min/time and edelay.

These can be set/viewed using ditty-rp:

View port settings:

ditty-rp -a ttyxyz

If -icanon is set, you might want to tinker with the min and time values:

min N With -icanon, set N characters minimum for a completed read

time N With -icanon, set read timeout of N tenths of a second

The edelay setting is configured on a per port basis. This parameter changes the value we send to the firmware for “ttime” and “rtime”.

By default edelay has always been set to 100ms with the lowest value of 1.

For example, when issuing the following setting:

ditty-rp edelay 1 /dev/ttyzz01

It tells the firmware the ttime/rtime is 1ms.