PortServer TS latency settings vs. ConnectPort TS

Recently had to swap out all of my PortServer TS W MEI’s for the equivalent ConnectPort TS W MEI’s for WPA support.

The issue I’ve encountered is the PortServer had a “latency” option that we would use and our devices, using realport, would run nearly as fast as a wired connection.

The ConnectPort’s do not have this option, and I need to find what settings to tweak to recreate the latency optimization.

The closest we’ve come to duplicating this are through telnet settings:

#> set service range=17 delayed_ack=0
#> set network garp=30
#> set network rto_max=1

But even this makes it just barely manageable, and it’s still nowhere near the speed we had before. Is there something else we can try?

Bump. Have still been unable to resolve this issue.