Anywhere USB 5M doesnt work with HASP HL License Dongle


We recently bought a Digi AnywhereUSB 5M to use it with a license dongle for a special software in our VM Ware Environment

Short Summary:

  • VM Server 2012 R2 with recent drivers
  • normal USB Stick works with Anywhere USB connection on VM Server
  • Dongle works on normal PC
  • Dongle in Anywhere USB cant read the requiered licence Information
  • I can see the Dongle in the device Manager

We already tried some things like “use Microsoft ID” and advices i could find on the forums but so far I couldn´t get a working connection :frowning:

I also have some screenshots if someone is interested.

Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Best regards


I would review the KB that Digi has:

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