AnywhereUSB on Vmware vm: Server 2008R2 X64

I have Rainbow Sentinel Superpro dongles connected to AnywhereUSB/5. When I installed the driver for AnywhereUSB/5 everything looked OK and I can see the dongles with Viewer utility. However I cannot read in the licenses. I am contacting the software mfr, to see if the licenses should work on 2008R2 or not. Meanwhile (in order to ev. save some time) I’d like to ask if there are any known issues with AnywhereUSB which coluld cause a problem with that??

Kind regards, Vladimir

Hello Vladimir,

If you look in Windows Device Manager, are the Rainbow Sentinel Superpro dongles properly installed, i.e. no yellow warning icons?

If so, try these suggestions and then let me know if they help or not:

  1. Go into the BIOS of the PC and disable the parallel port, if it’s not actually being used, of course. Note that virtual machines have BIOS’s and even if the physical PC that the virtual machine is running within doesn’t have a physical parallel port, the option still may be in the BIOS.

  2. Disable DEP (Data Execution Prevention). This is applicable to Windows Server 2003 for sure. I’m not sure about other OS’s.

The issue is resolved. I tried what you suggested, but everything seemed OK. Finally it turned out that the problem wasn’t drivers and/or hardware. I got a fix from software provider and now all is OK.

Thanks for your prompt response anyway.

Regards, Vladimir

Thanks for the update.

What exactly was the fix? Was it just a different version of the software?

Yes, it was just the software. I was explained tha they have fixed piece of code talking to the supepro dongle. They haven’t tested the code under 2008 R2 before, but fortunatelly they were pretty quick fixing that.