Anywhere USB and VGA devices - anyone using one?


I am posting here in the hope that someone has already tried and been successful ussing a USB VGA adaptor on one of these devices.

If you have tried, and have good or bad experiences, please let me know.

Many thanks in advance.


Hi David,

I did a very basic test with a USB 2.0 USB-to-VGA adapter, on an AnywhereUSB/5 as well as the newer model AnywhereUSB/2, and the device installed successfully and “worked” in both cases. I was able to use the device as an extended desktop.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear who the manufacturer is of the particular device I tested.

As far as compatibility is concerned with other brand/model USB-to-VGA adapters, based on the limited testing I did, as long as they are not “isochronous” (the USB transfer type specification) then they should be compatible.

Something else to consider is that the USB 2.0 types will run at a slower speed, since all of the current AnywhereUSB models are USB 1.1. So, if you’re using that 2nd display for information that won’t be changing much, and for “simple” video information (i.e. not Flash, not games, etc.) then it should work, but otherwise it wouldn’t be recommended.

I hope this info helps.

Hi Jeremy

Thanks for the reply.

Very encouraging to hear that one model does infact work!

The “best” seem to be incorporating one of the “DisplayLink” chipsets - however, DisplayLink support have not so far told me if they are isosyncronous, which is a bit surprising!

If you do figure out what make your device is, or even get me the USB ID (so I can search) it would be great!

The DisplayLink devices, FYI, only support USB2, so that limits compatinility somewhat!

Use? - I just want to use it for a home automation remote screen… so no fancy fast graphics.



Tested working (installed drivers in Windows 7 64bit) but performance is poor at 1440 x 900, turning off destop backgrounds helps.