Anywhereusb and vista driver


Is there a anywhereusb driver compatible with windows vista ? If not, is there one coming soon?

Unfortunately not, and I’m not aware of an ETA for Vista support at this time.

How many AnywhereUSB units do you need Vista support for?

Our distributors are using the anywhereusb for some job they have to do. There are ten of them.

But a new distributor wanted to use it on Vista. It will cause us some probleme.

We had planned to buy between five ans ten unit next year.

I guess we are in a blind alley and that we can no longer use the anywhereusb in the future.

We are also looking for Vista driver. Next year our Software will proberly work only under Vista. I am looking if anywhere USB is an option. We speak about 100units/y. alpha / beta driver are also fine. Thanks.



The date I keep hearing from product management is the first of the next calendar year.

Please feel free to check back whenever you’d like and I’ll let you know if that time frame has changed or not.

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Mike Swift

Will there be a fix for Anywhere USB to work on Vista soon?


Shane Fleming


I really wish I could give a specific date on Vista AnywhereUSB report. The latest that I have is the first part of the next calendar year. I’ll be more than happy to add you (and others on this thread) to our list of customers wanting it. When I get more information I’ll be sure to pass it along.

I meant “support” not report…sorry.

Is there a date that a driver will be built for vista?



Thank You.

Shane Fleming

Late 2008 is the last I heard.

If you’d like a more firm date or think this should be given a higher priority based on your application, let me know and I can have a sales rep contact you.

Can this be put on a higher priority. Will need to find a solution to work with Vista.


The way support understands it Vista support for the AnywhereUSB is at the priority it is based on engineering resources, customer need, and other priorities currently in the channel.

Of course our customers drive our business and we definitely want to do our best to make you happy. If you feel that your company would be purchasing enough AnywhereUSB’s to make us re evaluate our schedule please let me know. I would be more than happy to get a sales person to touch base with you.

I apologize for the lack of the Vista support. Please let me know if you’d like someone from sales to contact you. Please email me directly at

Mike Swift

Anytime soon?? Vista Driver for Anywhere USB - Please soon!!!



The latest ETA we, the support group, have is “sometime in 2009”. If you’d like a more definitive timeframe or would like to potentially give this project a higher priority, based on your application, as Mike suggested, please get in touch with our sales group.

Hello. What about Vista support for AnywhereUSB?

The last I heard, an AnywhereUSB driver for Vista should be released around next month, in March.

It’s march, right in the middle so any news on these drivers?

This is becomming a very big issue for us :frowning:
AnywhereUSB is the standard in our company at the moment but if Vista drivers keep getting delayed we will have to look at another vendor.

It’s the same as for W2K8…

I think Digi is losing customers here :frowning:

The release date is still scheduled for some time this month. It should not be later than March. If that is not acceptable for you, please add your e-mail address to your profile, make your e-mail address visible, and I’ll have a sales rep who covers your area contact you about this.

Ok, its good to hear that release of vista drivers is near. We are waiting those drivers too in our company. So pls hurry… :slight_smile: