Anywhere USB, control COM port´s on client computer

Dear Digi,

Is there a solution where I can control whish COM port are mapped to whish Anywhere USB 2 device, or is this random?

We have a customer, which uses 2 Anywhere USB for COM port communication, but if we restart the computer, the COM port does´nt stay the same. If “Anywhere USB 1” is COM port 5, and “Anywhere USB 2” is COM port 6, if we then restart the computer, then “Anywhere USB 1” gets COM port 6, “Anywhere USB 2” gets COM port 5, sometimes - Sometimes it stays correct.

We have tried controlling it to device manager in Windows, but that does´nt solve the problem.

Software and firmware on client computer, and Anywhere USB is running the newest version.

Serienr.: SE34859203
Serienr.: SE33035044

Looking forward to hear from you

Best regards,

Allan Berg

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