AnywhereUSB/14 Event log location


We are experiencing a AnywhereUSB/14 intermittent lock up when using it with USB GSM modem IRZ ES75iT (I DO know that you are officially not supporting this config, but please hear me out). Most of the time it work, but occasionally modem starts logging SetCommState error 23: Data CRC check failed (which does not disrupt normal working flow).
But sometime it starts telling that virtual COM port is unavailable/busy. In Device Manager, this may or may not be displayed as absence/error of RealPort hub and modem. I am almost sure that the USB GSM modem is the cause, but I would like to now why exactly it locks-up so unexpectedly and to narrow my search.
Right now I am struggling to troubleshoot these intermittent lock-ups. And I would like to know if there is an Event Log of some kind on AnywhereUSB/14 (be it a Telnet or Web interface). Searching through the manuals yielded nothing.
Please help me to locate AnywhereUSB/14 Event logs (if there are any).

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