AnywhereUSB/14 unable to query USB modem

I have an iTengo3800 USB modem attached to an AnywhereUSB/14 and when I click the diagnostics tab in Windows device manager, then click query modem, it fails. However, when I use the iTengo SMS application, it is able to communicate and send messages. This tells me the configuration is correct but when I use query modem or Putty to attempt to connect to the COM port, it fails and I get an error message “the modem failed to respond”. I have verified there is nothing else using the COM port.

I have a feeling the iTengo SMS application is communicating through a different method than the “query modem” in Putty but I do not know what or how it is doing it. Has anyone else experienced this and was able to fix it?

USB Modems are incompatible with AnywhereUSB.
Please refer to the KBase article