AnywhereUSB & Modem problem

I’m trying to use à brand new USB Modem USR Robotics 56K
connected to a AnywhereUSB/5. When i try to use it with HyperTerminal or try to initiate Modem Diagnostics command : both programs are not responding.

My configuration :
OS : W2003R2- SP1
AnywhereUSB/5 : firmware v1.90.5 (with last driver)
Modem “U.S Robotics 56K faxmodem USB” : driver winacusb.sys version 173.45.00 (07/14/2004)

The utility Awusbcheck tells me the modem is compatible :

“Compatible devices found:
U.S. Robotics 56K Faxmodem USB VID = 0x0BAF PID = 0x6112”

Can help ?


I just replied to your other post here:,4898#15486

USB modems are incompatible with AUSB, thus it is not recommended to use them.

Refer to KBase aticle.