AnywhereUSB/2 Gen 2 and Windows 2008R2

Are AWUSB devices affected by the MS issue mentioned here: ?

I currently have a few AWUSB devices here but only one of which runs on a W2K8R2 VM and unfortunately, it seems to be bleeding memory to the point where it BSODs every two days.

The setup is as follows:
HV: ESX4.0U1 VS4 Advanced
Hardware: Dell R710 (two nodes)
VM: Dual CPU, 1.5GBRAM, 40GB disk
AWUSB: This is attached to a W2K8R2 VM and has a Prolific RS232 dongle hanging off of it.
AWUSB: 2 Port G2 model, FW 1.36.0878

  • An application polls the device attached to the RS232 port constantly.
  • Unless the AWUSB is disconnected, memory bleed continues.
  • With the AWUSB’s Prolific RS232 dongle being constantly polled, the memory usage can go up by as much as 1GB above norm!
  • When I disconnect the AWUSB, the RAM is returned to normal
  • This becomes a nightmare during peak hours as there is a lot of data flying through and the RAM usage goes up very quickly e.g. 300MB in the last 4 hrs.

As I have another 2VMs off the same image running without issue (no AWUSB), it’s safe to rule out this being an issue with the VM setup.

If anyone can shed some light on this, that would be great!

Looks like I’m not alone:,9638

Updating the device with newer firmware and drivers will solve some known issues.