AnywhereUSB 2 Plus not recognize certificate

Hello Everyone

I have problem with connecting to my Anywhere USB after changing web certificate from Digi International Inc. to new one from our local CA (Windows CA).
I changed here: Device Configuration\Services\Web administration\SSL certificate.
After that AnywhereUSB Manager stopped connect to my hub returning information in log file:
2020-12-28 21:12:57 INFO :Using client cert C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\AnywhereUSB\awusb_client_cert.pem
2020-12-28 21:12:57 ERROR :SSL Server verification (passed in) error: (20) unable to get local issuer certificate
2020-12-28 21:12:57 INFO :SSL_connect error 1(-1) when connecting to AW02-003801.local.:18574, (null)

“unable to get local issuer certificate” - I thing it is the problem with public certificate of my CA or entire chain. How can I resolve this issue?
I updated certificate in AnywhereUSB Manager to my hub but no result.


This issue can occur if, when installing the certificate in the “Web administration > SSL Certificate” or “AnywhereUSB > TLS identity certificate” field, you copied the private key and the hub certificate, but did not add the certificate of the CA itself.