AnywhereUSB 2 work-around for USB sound cards

As per compatibility page (, sound cards are un supported for AnywhereUSB. It says at the bottom of the page to contact technical support for possible specific device support. So I thought I would check. The specific devices (via win 7) are:

  • SIIG USB Soundwvae 7.1 Pro
  • ASUS Xonar U3.
    They both appear as C-media USB headphone set, which looks to be the standard windows sound driver, and reports a “device cannot start - code 10” error under device status.
    …just curious as I was hoping to do remote audio using USB via routed network…

Not going to happen.

A USB sound card generally requires an Isochronous connection because of the bandwidth. This is not supported on hte AnywhereUSB.

isochronous transfers: at some guaranteed data rate (often, but not necessarily, as fast as possible) but with possible data loss (e.g., realtime audio or video).

Your best bet if you can change your topology to a flat LAN and use TuneBlade and an airport express or apple tv.

Alternatively if you have to do audio via a routed network then you would be best to look at some form of streaming device such as DLNA.

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Thanks. Your answer is very helpful.