Problem with USB and Audio Device


I have installed an Digi AnywhereUSB/2 in the network. I connected an Audio Device to the USB Port and the driver has been installed correctly.

But the audio signal is not there?

Can you please help me?

Here the Log:
1 USB device found.
No incompatible devices found.
Compatible devices found:
USB-Verbundgerät VID = 0x1130 PID = 0xF211


Björn Reichard

Hello Björn,

Unfortunately, USB audio devices are not supported with the AnywhereUSB. Please review the following related KB article:

No manual, even un-supported workarounds? I’m trying to find another device that could support audio, and this one specifically says it supports “isochronous devices”. Any thoughts on this one? Need audio support on a Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit VMware VM.


I am very familiar with the AnywhereUSB and I’m not aware of any USB audio devices that are compatible with it.

Refer to KBase article