AnywhereUSB/5 BSOD

OS: Windows 2003 Server R2 SP2 x64
Drivers: v2.51 x64
I have BSOD, when device connecting to the server, any idea?

Unfortunately, that driver is known to cause blue screens. If you were running a 32-bit OS then I’d suggest for you to use the previous v2.40 release, but that release does not support 64-bit OS’s. So, with that being said, my suggestion would be to wait for the upcoming v2.60 driver (scheduled to be released next month in March) or use a different PC running a 32-bit OS with the v2.40 driver. Sorry but I don’t have any other suggestions to get it working on that particular system right now.

Do you have any specific release date set for the new version of drivers?

We have exactly the same problem with virtualized Win 2k3 64bit and unfortunately need to connect protection USB dongles to it.

By the end of this month. Please make your e-mail address visible so we can notify you when it’s released.

That schedule is a bit problematic for us.

Maybe you could send me some Beta/RC version? Of course, I will provide you with feedback after testing it.

We here in the support group do not have access to this particular beta AnywhereUSB driver.

If you urgently need this driver, let me know what country you’re located in and I can put you in contact with a local sales representative to discuss this further.

Could you please contact me via e-mail? I have enabled it.

Thank you for help.

Thank you for quick contact, but I have managed to get these drivers working.

Here is how: I have noticed that in device manager all AnywhereUSB devices had status ‘driver not installed properly’, so I have attempted to update them using files from installation folder. I had to repeat this several times until all devices had no warning remarks - then it worked flawlessly.

It looks like the problem is not with drivers themselves but rather with installation procedure.