AnywhereUSB/5 G2 WIBU KEY

I recently purchased an Anywhere USB/5 for a VMWare environment that needs to use a WIBU-KEY for a network license.

The Digi is running and connected to my host PC (2008 x64) and the host sees the WIBU-BOX/U in device manager with a driver version of

The WIBU-KEY server monitor version is 6.00a (also tried 6.00b).

I’ve downloaded the 3.10 x64 driver update from 8/10 and attempted to install it on my host machine. It says 10 files copied to advanced.…then it goes on to updating existing system drivers…and stops and I have to x out of it.

The driver info on the hub indicates 3.10 for the awusb drivers and 2.30 for the FWAW… drivers.

When the Wibukey software tries to access the USB port it generates and error:
wibuke64, port USB: fatal error WK1202 - communication error with WibuBox (129).

Any thoughts on what might be wrong would be appreciated.


Please review the suggestions in this KB article and let me know if any of them help or not.

The WiBu Key is working with the Digi now. I think the ticket was the 3.10 drivers and getting them installed right on the VM/server.