AnywhereUSB 8 Plus and Safenet eToken on Windows virtual server

Have a code signing certificate on an eToken plugged into an AnywhereUSB 8 Plus and it is unable to be seen in the Safenet software. It shows in Device Manager as a “USB Token”, but nothing else. I am able to connect to the same port group from my physical laptop and SafeNet recognizes the token. The virtual server in question is Server 2012 R2 but also no luck on Windows Server 2019. All 3 computers that were tested have both the AnywhereUSB Manager installed and SafeNet 8.3.

I have followed the steps on:

including setting the registry keys with no luck.

Did you ever find a solution to this?
We have the same issue and Ive been running in circles trying to fix it with no luck.

The only workaround we could come up with was to install the AnywhereUSB Manager on our laptops, connect to the dongle, and then pass the connection through RDP from our laptops to the virtual servers. It does work using that method.

Unfortunate, thanks for the reply.