AnywhereUSB driver support on OS with more than one network interface

In our VMware environment each client has two ethernet interfaces.

A production network with IP range 192.xxxxxxx and a management network in IP range 10.xxxxxxx

We are using some anywhereUSB14 and anywhereUSB5(MHC), and they are all assigned in IP configuration to the production network with IP range 192.xxxxxxx
with a static IP setting.

Our problem is, that the windows driver recognizes the anywhereUSB boxes only if in operation system the first network interface is our production network.

It seems that the driver does not listen over both network interfaces?!?
The current used driver version is 3.80

Have you tried adding the AnywhereUSB’s IP address to the Discovery List to see if that helps?

Yes for sure, but the boxes are not listed. One the other Hand, for me the Discovery List is only a work around, as I expect that the driver will find and list all boxes in its IP range.