AnywhereUSB/5 Using wrong network adapter

I am using AnywhereUSB/5 in a VMWare environment - the particular server (Win Server 2003) that connects to the AnywhereUSB device has three network adapters attached.

Adapter 1: Uses a 10.10… IP address within our network which is the same as the AnywhereUSB device
Adapter 2: Uses a 192.168… IP address to communicate with the iSCSI storage.
Adapter 3: Uses a 5… address for vendor support.

The AnywhereUSB device is supposed to use the 10.10… address and when it does, everything works fine.

However, every so often (about once a week) it will reattach using the server’s 192.168… address. This will cause the AnywhereUSB Root Hubs to enter a ‘Cannot Start’ state in device manager and the USB devices become disconnected. I am assuming the address change is what is causing the server to ‘Stop’ the USB hubs because it is what has been common every time this happens. Is there a way to set the AnywhereUSB device to connect only to a particular subnet?

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks, Steve

Hello Steve,

Thanks for the detailed info.

First, to answer your question, there is no way (documented, at least) to configure an AnywhereUSB/5 to only connect to a host PC on a particular subnet. All of the related network configuration control of an AnywhereUSB/5 is done on the software-side from the host PC running the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility.

  1. What AnywhereUSB driver version are you running? To determine this, click View / Driver Information and note the version of the first file “awusbsys.sys” (it may be called “awusbsys64.sys”).

  2. How do you know which of the host PC’s network adapters the AnywhereUSB/5 is connecting to?

  3. The next time that issue happens, please collect screen captures of the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility, Windows Device Manager (maximized), and the Properties windows of any of the AnywhereUSB components in Device Manager, so I can see the exact error message and error code.

Sorry I am just getting back to this now… Thanks for the quick reply. I am still having this issue:

  1. I am using driver version 2.90.1 however the Host Controller driver says it is AwVUSBD.sys (this is a VMWare server). The driver version of AwUsbSys.sys is 2.90.1.

  2. The configuration utility (from another PC) tells me which IP address the device is connected to on the screen shots the one that says ‘Connected to’ will result in the yellow exclamation mark which is a ‘Device cannot start’ error in Computer Management.

When I restart the AnywhereUSB device enough it will pick up the correct IP address as shown in the screenshot ‘Connected to’ and the devices will show up normally.

My solution right now is to keep rebooting the device until it picks the correct network connection. Any help is much appreciated!!



I suggest updating the AnywhereUSB driver to the latest version, which is 3.10.

32-bit version:

64-bit version:

First, uninstall the existing version by clicking View / Driver Information / Uninstall, then reboot the host PC when prompted. Then install the new version.

Does this issue persist after updating the AnywhereUSB driver?