AnywhereUSB LEDs

Just got AnywhereUSB/5 (first generation) device for connecting USB key dongles to VMs. It works fine, but there is one thing I misunderstand: what USB port LEDs are supposed to indicate? There is a separate LED for every USB port, and one might expect that they should show port status like connected/disconnected and may be port activity - approximately like LEDs on ports of Ethernet switches do. However, when a client machine has established connection to the box, all five port LEDs are on (green), irregardless of which ports are in use. So, what information it can give to a user - connection presense? It could be shown with just one LED. Installation manual says that solid green means “hub port is powered” - well, they all seem to be powered when there is a connection, and I don’t see a way to control it.


On the (legacy) AnywhereUSB/5, the 5 Port LEDs represent the connection state of the AnywhereUSB itself. If the 5 Port LEDs are all on/solid, this means the AnywhereUSB is successfully connected to a host PC. If the 5 Port LEDs are “roaming” left-right-left that means the AnywhereUSB is not connected to a host PC.

But why do you use 5 LEDs for something what could be shown with just one? That’s slightly confusing.