AnywhereUSB/5 G2 Ethernet Connector

I set static IPa to AnywhereUSB/5 G2, Status LED blinking green, but Ethernet connector on lef is blinking green on right orange, What it is means?
http connect on AnywhereUSB/5 G2 is OK, ping is OK
LEDs on USB port is not lighting, I can not to connect on any USB ports

Model: AnywhereUSB/5

Firmware Version: (build 82002237_E awusb5 eos 1/04/2011 3:54:44p)
Boot Version: (release 82002236_B awusb5 bootloader 8/31/2009)
POST Version: (release 82001552_A generic_travis hwdiag 8/27/2009)

Product VPD Version:none
Product ID: 0x0122
Hardware Strapping: 0x0000

I using OS windows server 2008 SP2

I have AnywhereUSB/5 1 generation to , and it is working good.


The AnywhereUSB/5 has six LEDs on the front panel: one System Status LED and five USB Port LEDs. When powered on the System Status LED blinks green. When the USB ports are owned by a host PC, the USB Port LEDs will be solid green; if the USB port is unowned, the USB Port LED will remain off.

Try resetting the device to factory default.
Update the driver and the firmware version of the device.
Try connecting USB mouse or USB keyboard to the AUSB and check.