No roothub, what it means ?

Anywhere\14 In viewer utility, there is 2 ports connected, one seems fine (its empty) another one not working somehow, no roothub-ports, where can be problem, or port is dead ?

I would review the following AnywhereUSB KB:

In my opinion, the easiest way to determine if an AnywhereUSB is successfully connected to a host computer is by looking at the actual USB Port LEDs. USB Ports that are Off are not connected and USB Ports that are solid Green are connected.

In the case of the AWUSB/14 model, which has the Multi-Host Connections feature, you first need to determine what Group number the host computer is configured to connect to, and what USB ports are associated with that Group.

With that being said, what Group number is the host computer you’re talking about configured to connect to? What USB ports are associated with that group? And what is the behavior of the USB Port LED(s) of these USB ports that are associated with the Group in question (are they Off or solid Green)?

Everything, was working fine, now I know that usb token is broken for sure, I need to know how to determine that usb port is broken.

Attach a USB keyboard or a USB mouse to the “suspect” USB port. The USB Port LED should be solid Green, indicating a successful connection to a host computer, regardless if the USB keyboard or mouse is attached. Does the computer that’s connected to this port recognize the USB keyboard or mouse? If so, are you able to “use” that device?