AnywhereUSB® possible over multiple subnets?

My question is rater simple, is it possible to install the software on a server in a subnet such as 192.168.1.X and have it read the device located in a different subnet such as 192.168.8.X IF it is possible is it supported nateively or would specific port forwards and holes in firewalls have to be made. If so, can you tell me what would need to be done.

My goal is to add approximately 6 anywhere USB devices in different subnets 192.168.2.X - 192.168.7.X and have a central server managing the connections at 192.168.1.X.

Can I assign different drive letters to each server? such as When a drive pops up at 1 subnet its ALSAYS the X drive and if a drive pops up at another location it ALWAYS pops up as a Z: drive etc. Thanks ahead of time for any information you may provide.


The short answer to the subnet question is Yes. Here’s a related KB article Connection List vs. Discovery List, in the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility. Port forwarding shouldn’t need to be done in this kind of scenario. In a scenario where an AWUSB is behind a router, for example, is when you may need to setup port forwarding. Either way, be sure port 3422 isn’t being blocked. Here’s a KB article related to that - How to configure Windows Firewall to allow an AnywhereUSB to connect to a host computer.

6 AWUSBs should be fine. Related KB How many AnywhereUSBs can a host computer connect to?.

It sounds like you’re talking about using USB storage devices like flash drives. Windows controls how they behave, such as drive letters. They should behave the same way as if they were connected directly to the computer, without an AWUSB. So, the drive letter should ‘follow’ the USB device, no matter what USB port or AWUSB it’s connected to.