AnywhereUSB2 insists on half duplex.

I have just bought my first AWUSB/2, upgraded the firmware to current levels, and I notice that when the network port is set to use auto negotiation it decides on 100Mbps half duplex.
This has happened with 2 unmanaged switches as well as a direct link to a laptop.

It seems to be working OK, in that it forces the other end to be half duplex as well, but I don’t understand why.
Is there any reason that it cannot or should not run full duplex?

I’m not sure why it is not auto negotiating to be full-duplex. It may just not be able to negotiate properly with the particular equipment it’s connected to. You can try to lock it into full-duplex mode manually by connecting to the WebUI of the device, and navigating to Configuration > Network > Advanced Network Settings. On this page, you can set the duplex to be full.

Thanks for reporting this issue. It was brought to our attention recently and we believe it’s a bug. Until it’s fixed (which will most likely be a firmware update), we suggest working around it by manually configuring it for full duplex as zachh described.

Thanks for the fast replies.
It is only to secure a licence dongle, so I am not worried about bandwidth. I was mainly concerned with its odd behaviour, but if it’s known/thought to be a bug then I can live with that.

My action will be to leave it as it is, because I have found in the past that unmanaged ethernet interfaces are not very consistent when confronted with a device that does not auto-negotiate duplex. Some default to full duplex others default to half duplex (I think half-duplex is according to the standard).

It will be eventually plugged into a managed port, but one beyond my control and I don’t want to complicate matters too much. So long as both ends agree on duplex mode then it will work well enough.

edit: I tried the “forced full duplex” option just to see what happens and it still operates in half duplex.