We installed an Ethernet connector to our boards. We can talk to the board with a 100Mbit Ethernet connection. Also, It works ok with a 100Mbit hub. But when we try a 10Mbit hub, it doesn’t work.

That sounds a bit strange. I have no problem with communicating at 10Mbit or 100Mbit. The system does perform a autonegotiation to detect if the connected equipment can handle 10/100MBit and full/half duplex. Set a breakpoint at customizeMIISetSpeed to check what duplex/speed the system think the linkpartner supports. If it detects that autonegotiate does not work i think it will be set to half duplex & 10MBit. If the customizeMIISetSpeed sets the speed to 10Mbit I see no reason for it not to work. /Jesper

I’m not giving the full story. We hacked out the Ethernet originally because our boards don’t come with Ethernet. Then we decided to put it in, and so we hacked it back in (the BSP). I’ve noticed by stepping into the BPS, that everything is setup fine, except at 10Mbit I’m getting data collisions errors on transmit. I’m able to receive packets but not transmit.