Portservers connecting as half duplex when set to full duplex

During the course of investigating our setup we have discovered that our switches (Cisco) are detecting and configuring the ethernet ports going to our Digi Portservers as 10Mbits/Half Duplex

This is in spite of the fact that the Portservers are configured to 100Mbits/Full Duplex.

When changing the settings in the web interface to “auto” for both the speed and the duplex settings, the device comes up as 100Mbits Half Duplex when checking from the switch.

The question I have now is how can this happen if the device has been physically configured for 100Mbits Full Duplex.

Right now we aren’t to concerned about the speed being 10Mbits but we would like it to be Full Duplex.

If setting the device in the web front end doesnt work what other options are there to get full duplex.

We can also see far to many collisions on this interface which could be the route cause of the apparent freezes and connection problems we have been experiencing with the Portservers.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Sounds like the Cisco switch is not auto-detecting correctly. Try forcing the settings on the switch.

If that does not work, what happens if you connect a dumb HUB between the switch and the PortServer?