Etherlite 32 will only come online in half-duplex 10mb mode.

We have a Digi EtherLite 32 connected to a Cisco 3560G switch and the port is coming up in half-duplex 10MB. If we manually set the port to full-duplex and 100MB it will not come online. Is this correct for this device? Shouldn’t it be Full-Duplex 100MB? The firmware version is 1.7.

These units are designed to auto detect the speed and duplex. Sounds like there might be a compatibility issue with this switch. Do other network devices work when plugged into this port on the switch?

Yes, other devices do work on the port. We have a lot of the Etherlite 32 devices in multiple racks connected to top of rack switches. It is possible it is a compatibility issue since the switches are all 3560G’s. I just wanted to be sure the etherlite’s themselves do support 100MB full duplex.