Etherlite II networking problem

An Etherlite II conect to a CISCO switch via a 60m cable. But it dosn’t work this days because it can not ping by other clients. When I add a little D-LINK HUB between it and the CISCO swith ,it can work again.

I can not sure what problem because when I use the same cable and conect a normal PC,it can work well ,ping 0% loss,but if a Etherlite II instead of the PC, it can not work…

Any help ? Thanks!

Sounds like a compatibility issue with the switch.

What LED activity is seen on the EtherLite when connected to the Cisco switch?

Does the Cisco switch indicate the ethernet communication settings (auto-sensing), such as, 100 Mbps, half duplex, full duplex, etc…?

I also suggest checking the ethernet cable. Many product’s ethernet interface will auto MDIX, switching an incorrectly wired cable pinout so that the cable will work. This makes it easy to use the cable, but, it can also mask the incorrectly wired cable. I do not believe the EtherLite uses MDIX, so its ethernet port cannot make this correction.

Thanks for you reply.
I have tried to connect the Etherlite II to another same type CISCO swith ,it can work . I checked the status of the port,‘10mb half’ mode was used when Etherlite II conect to the switch.

I am sure that it is a direct-through cable but not a cross-through cable.

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