AnywhereUSB8+ manager service mode

We have two AnywhereUSB 8 + devices, They are on the network and the web UI is accessible. I installed the USB manager to start in stand-alone mode and was able to connect to the resources plugged into the ports on the USB. I then uninstalled the manager and rebooted the server (Windows Server 2019 DC - VM running on hyper V ) Then installed the manager again but this time in service mode and set the client ID - as the admin user, Checked the Web UI and that the client was set correctly under the anywhere USB client settings. but the manager will not connect, it has picked up the devices showing the names ok, From the web UI terminal I can ping the server running the manager by IP and by name. If I then uninstall the manager on the server and re-install in stand-alone it connects. I want the manager to run in service mode so non-admin users can not adjust any settings . Any advice ? Both units are at the latest available FW version

Please attach the screenshot with the error message in the AnywhereUSB Manager application window while attempting to connect to the Digi AnywhereUSB Plus Hub in service mode.