API Tx frame to certain Node Identifier?


I want to create a network of XBee Pro S2B modules, which could be replaced when they are broken, so the only way I can see to uniquely identify them, even after replacement, is the Node Identifier. 64-bit addresses will change at replacement and 16-bit addresses are handed out by the coordinator and can not be set. (correct me if I’m wrong)

But then I am wondering, since I work in API mode (all error handling done by firmware so I want this), is it possible to create an API frame to transmit a certain piece of data to a certain node with known Node Identifier? If not, how can I know to which address I should send a certain package if I have for example 20 end devices and one of the XBees in them have been recplaced?

I want a maintenance technician to be able to replace the XBee without software reprogramming needed. At boot-up the Arduino to which it is connected can of course set al necessary settings correct, as long as they can be changed.

Kind regards,
Davy Van Rossem

Check the document “90002173_P_900HP_MODULE.pdf” on section “XBee-PRO 900HP link reliability”.