Arduino + XBEE + ConnectPort ???

I’m trying to operate a stepper motor using an Arduino. The Arduino is connected with a XBEE, and works fine locally (using another XBEE and XCTU on my computer).

However, I’m not sure how to communicate with the same XBEE and Arduino using the ConnectPort.
Based on what I found online, I need a python script but besides that I’m lost with questions such as:
How to upload, and trigger the python code from ConnectPort to Xbee? Perhaps a webpage with a button to operate the motor? I’m not sure how to do that!!

Since my only goal is to operate that stepper motor in clockwise and anticlockwise direction, I only need ConnectPort to send a number ‘1’ (clockwise) and ‘2’ (anticlockwise) to operate the motor.
Please advise on how can I achieve this via a web interface (ConnectPort).
Any type of help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Since your replacing your PC Xbee with a gateway, part of your solution will likely involve a python app running on the gateway to handle the commands between your PC and the arduino:

Hi James,

[size=1]I am also trying to find answer similar problem. I have connect port X2e. If you do not use Python. (are you using Digi Python ESP? ).

Here is the link, which may useful to you… It based on XIG and PHP application.

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Thanks for sharing useful information.