Are SLEXP8021A and u-blox sara r4 same ?

I am working with SLEXP8021A Silabs LTE-M module which has digi and u-blox sara r4(?).

Now i am able to bring up this module with MCU using xbee ansi c library and able to perform communication properly.

Now as per my need to i have cellular library from AWS which has wrapper written for cellular u-blox sara r4, this needs plain AT commands to deal with so i had to switch from xbee ansi c library to this library.

Now in doing so i am able to communicate with this module and it responded with “OK\r” only with “+++” command, but when i use other commands i am getting error.

Other commands i tried "“ATE0” “AT&D0” “AT+IFC=2,2” “ATCMEE” “ATCEREG” and so on.

Currently 11415 firmware is flashed in this module.

I debug further and found that these commands are available in u-blox sara r4 data sheet but not available in digi module’s user guide

So my query is are these module same ?
Why i can’t get response of the above commands ?

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That is because you are in Digi Command mode and the commands you are issuing are U-BLOX commands. You will want to look at the Digi XBee 3 CAT M users guide for the proper commands you want to issue.

Thanks for the quick replay and marry Christmas.
I have checked the guide again, but unfortunatly i was unable to find any method to switch to u-blox mode.
i refereed this guide

Is there any way to get into the U-BLOX commands mode?
How do i make module to respond the above mentioned AT command ?

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We have switch the mode of operation from API to Bypass mode and now its working.

Thanks for the help.


I am glad you did. But I should mention, the manual you have is NOT for the NBiOT product. The correct manual can be found at