AT command set or Quick start interfacing guide for XBee® ZB Adapters?

Hi, i’m a newbie here, hope someone can help.

i’m trying to investigate the feasibility of using XBee® ZB Adapters for my solution but i’m having difficulty finding the AT command set for XBee® ZB Adapters. I’ve checked the documentation listed under XBee® ZB Adapters but no clue.

Or is there also a quick start guide on how to program a XBee® ZB Adapter as a controller for a Zigbee network?

Hope someone can help. Thanks. :slight_smile:

By “adapter” you mean the actual radio modules, right? (Not adapter like a USB adapter that the radio plugs into)

AT command set starts on page 129 of this PDF:

You might also consider “Building Wireless Sensor Networks” by Robert Faludi - I found it very helpful when getting started but I don’t know if it will suit your needs.

One way is to connect the XBee adapter to the gateway(Connect Port X series), And then by running a python script on gateways, you can set remote commands for xbee adapter. And for writing the python code, you can browse many sample codes over this link.