ATCI command returns.... 0x2C?

Xbee 3 Cell modem – can post details if needed / relevant – latest firmware (well let me just post details here):

Modem Info / Name : Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE-M [B08]
Modem Version: L0.,A.02.16
XBEE Hardware – Device Type: 4B – Revision: 4D
XBEE Firmware Version (brief): 1141A
XBEE Firmware Version (full):
FW ver 1141A Prod
Bootloader: 181
Build: SeCCID: 8912230102152913079

Anyway, I’ve got socket timeout set to 0 (ATTM0, confirmed with read-back) and periodically things get weird.

I query status with ATCI and I get a response of 0x2C which doesn’t seem to be documented in the table (user guide rev 90002258, page 229 I think)

IP set to 1 (normal TCP/IP, not TLS connection)

Can someone help me understand what I’m missing? I’m 100% sure the reply to ATCI is 0x2C (after sending on the socket fails) , the logical analyzer trace is totally fine.

Thanks in advance.

It means that the socket was closed due to inactivity.

Thank you! That would make sense, although it seems the documentation is out of date.

Appreciate the speedy response.