What is modem status 0x43 on XBee3 v100A


Our company recently (call it within the last year or so) had to swich over to the XBee3 from the S2C. Everything seems to have been going along well until v100A of the firmware showed up pre-installed on our radio modules. Our new modules won’t link up at all. I’m in the process of investigating this issue. It seems to be only on the Coordinator devices. The main concern is with the modem status message. Here’s what we’re seeing :

RADIO : Modem Status 00 [OK]
RADIO : Modem Status 06 [OK]
RADIO : Modem Status 43 [OK]

That is output from a python script I wrote to translate the serial communications between our host and the radio. According to Digi’s documentation, modem status 0x43 doesn’t exist. The table stops at 0x42. In the S2C and XBee3 v1008 we only see modem status 00 and 06.

What am I seeing here?

Status for 43 is Open Join Window (See XCTU’s API frame generator).