Authorization for outbound telnet

If I select port profile “Terminal” in PortServerTS 16, and enable option “Automatically establish TCP connections when data arrives” with parameter type of service “Telnet”, outbound telnet authorization does not work. I.e. PortServer connect to network device (such as Linux server) without authorization stage. It’s normally?

You may want to try and telnet to the host from the PortServer root prompt (command line) to confirm the host is reachable from the unit.

Just to be clear, this unit will not by-pass any Linux server authorization requirements. It may also be worth mentioning that these units will not perform Kerberos telnet authentication.

I.e. Digi cannot automatically lead procedure of telnet-authorization on the remote network device, because has no such function?

I’m not quite clear what you are asking. However, the unit will negotiate a telnet connection (complying with the telnet RFC). However, it will not perform Kerberos telnet authentication.

Hopefully this makes sense.